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Hurley Law PA represents clients in civil litigation matters ranging from business-related disputes and real estate litigation to personal injury lawsuits and trademark law conflicts.

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GOING TO COURT –  When Everything Is At Stake

Few of us relish the thought of filing a lawsuit, but sometimes there is simply no other way to settle a legal dispute or to recover damages caused by someone else. Hurley Law PA handles a broad spectrum of civil litigation matters, including appeals. Our attorneys are trial-toughened, yet understand how to protect your interests, whether that means taking the case to trial or resolving through settlement.

Our attorneys take cases related to business disputes, trademark infringement matters, personal injury cases, real estate conflicts and other related practice areas.

Business And Trademark Litigation Representation By Experienced Attorneys

When you own your own business, time is money – and time spent away from your company in court is time when you cannot focus on running your enterprise. The husband-and-wife legal team at Hurley Law PA not only have years of experience as civil litigation attorneys, but they have also owned their own small retail business. Ever mindful of the commitment of time, money, and resources that litigation causes, we will seek to help you find the most effective way to resolve your business dispute or claim, whether that is in the courtroom or through a negotiated settlement.

One of the core aspects of your business is your unique brand identity. When selecting a brand name or logo for your business, it is advisable to first consult with a trademark attorney. We can help you guide you through the selection process, and also help you avoid potential infringement claims. If you would like to discuss how to protect your business’s valuable intellectual property, contact us. We can assist you in the process of obtaining a valid trademark registration. We can also assist you if you believe someone else is infringing on your trademark, or if you have been accused of infringing upon someone else’s mark.

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Learn more about Sarah and Tim Hurley, the husband-and-wife attorneys who are co-founders of our firm.