Focused On Protecting
Your Interests

Fiercely Protecting Your Interests

Every legal dispute is different. Sometimes you extend the olive branch. Sometimes you cut your losses. Sometimes you prepare for battle. The key is gauging where things stand and what approach makes the most sense for you.

At Hurley Law PA, you are counseled by experienced litigators who are committed to protecting your interests, in or out of court. Discover how our husband-and-wife legal team can guide you to a favorable resolution of your legal conflict.

Experienced Civil Litigation Attorneys

We represent individuals and businesses in Greenville and surrounding communities of South Carolina in a wide range of civil law matters, including:

  • Business and commercial litigation Contract disputes, unfair competition, business dissolution, construction liens
  • Trademark disputes Trade name infringement, violation of licensing agreements
  • Real estate litigation – Breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, property disputes
  • Personal injury lawsuits – Auto accidents, premises liability, nursing home negligence, dog attacks, civil rights abuses

Sarah Day Hurley has extensive litigation experience as well as a background in mediation and dispute resolution. Whether you are initiating legal action or someone is threatening to sue you, we work swiftly to get to the heart of the dispute and explore the options. We can negotiate for a reasonable settlement or capably represent you in court proceedings.

Close Support Throughout Your Case

Litigation can be stressful and distracting. One advantage of working with our small firm is that both of our attorneys are familiar with your case. We strive to be attentive and accessible to our clients and to keep you involved in key decisions along the way.

Arrange a consultation with our friendly attorneys by calling 864-641-7990, or use our online contact form.