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Protecting Your Brand: Effective Advocacy In Trademark Infringement Disputes

Your business name is integral to your success. It sets you apart from your competitors, and it’s the foundation for your marketing and networking efforts. When another company infringes on your name or logo, it dilutes or undermines your hard-earned branding.

The attorneys of Hurley Law PA provide knowledgeable and aggressive counsel for establishing and protecting trademarks.

Claiming Your Trademark

Trademark refers to your business name, distinctive logo, taglines and other identifiers that distinguish your goods and services from others. Trademark rights may be obtained by using the mark in commerce.  Additional protection can be secured by obtaining a certificate of trademark registration from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Registering a trademark involves a comprehensive search for similar-sounding names or marks that could cause confusion in the marketplace and a formal process for declaring and defending the trademark. If you would like to discuss how we can help shepherd you through this process, please contact us.

South Carolina Lawyers Weekly: Little Guy Beats Big Chain Over ‘Firehouse’ Trademark, September 9, 2011

Enforcing Your Trademark

If you believe another company is encroaching on your trademarks, we can take action on your behalf. It is not necessary to prove that the infringement is intentional, or that the infringer is a direct competitor. The legal threshold is a “likelihood of confusion.” Our attorneys have extensive experience in business litigation, including trademark infringement. Sometimes a cease-and-desist letter will get results. Other times we go to court to seek an injunction or sue for monetary damages. We are always attuned to your bottom line and the cost-benefit of pursuing legal action.

Defending Against Claims Of Infringement
Our firm also represents business owners who have been hit with an infringement action. Defending against a trademark lawsuit can be expensive, but if the other party prevails, you could be held liable for damages and/or be forced to change significant aspects of your business identity. We respond swiftly to allegations of trademark infringement to determine if the claim of confusion or adverse impact has any merit. We can then represent you in settlement negotiations or fight for you in court proceedings.

Our Trademark Is Personal Service

As a small firm, Hurley Law PA can offer one-on-one attention and responsiveness that our clients value. As former business owners ourselves, we understand the urgency when your trade name and competitive edge are threatened. You can count on us to vigorously defend your trademark rights and pursue your remedies.

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